What is the difference between using an auxiliary cable and a USB cable?

Aux connections tend to transmit background noise, plus you have to control the tunes from the phone itself — not the safest thing when you’re driving alone. The USB connection on the other hand, transmits no background noise, gives you receiver-based control (some applications) and also charges your phone. In many cases the receiver also processes the sound, something it’s designed to do better than your phone in an amplified system.

Can my factory speakers handle a high-powered head-unit?

Your factory speakers should be able to handle the output from an aftermarket head-unit, but there are limits to their performance. Turn up your new radio with the car sitting still, make a note of the volume level at which your factory speakers start to distort and avoid cranking the radio up past that point.
Speaker performance is critical to listening enjoyment, so we recommend adding quality, aftermarket speakers as soon as you can. A new set of speakers will let you take full advantage of the big, rich sound your new receiver has to offer.

My factory stereo is an integral part of my dash but the sound is lacking. What can I do?

You’re in luck! We have many integration pieces available to add amplifiers and subwoofers to factory systems. Changing out the speakers for better aftermarket units is no problem either. We can retain the full function of you factory head unit and still make you stereo sound like you at a concert. We usually have a demo vehicle on site if you would like a demonstration.