Marine and Powersports

So you just bought a new boat and the audio is a little underwhelming, or you have an experienced boat that could use an audio upgrade.  We can help. Bluetooth headunits allow you to play your music while keeping your phone in a secure dry place. In-boat speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers make sure the music can be heard when cruising down the lake, and tower speakers make sure that whoever is on the end of the rope can enjoy the music as well.  

If you would rather be cruising the trails on a side-by-side, quad, or other off-road vehicle, make music part of your ride.  Many options are available including Bluetooth amplifiers, sound bars, custom speaker pods or roll-cage mounts. Products for this market are designed with low current draw since charging systems on powersports vehicles are not very strong.

Now what if you’re not much for the water or the trails, but cruising down the road on a motorcycle makes you all warm and fuzzy.  We didn’t forget about you! Whether you have a Harley-Davidson or a Honda, we can make your audio heard. Many of the same products used on powersports vehicles are used on motorcycles due to their small size and low current draw. Amplifiers, speakers, headunits and even adding speakers to saddlebags are all options to make sure you can hear the music.

Whatever “big-kid “ toy you have, we can help you upgrade to awesome!