Car Audio and Navigation

New vehicles have pretty good factory radios with steering wheel controls, navigation, Bluetooth, USB, Apple Carplay, Android Auto, and auxiliary inputs.  So why does it sound so bad? Quite frankly, because good sound doesn’t sell cars. Luckily the radio isn’t the issue; the usual suspects are the speakers and factory amplifier/DSP (if equipped).  There are many products now available to integrate aftermarket amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers with the factory radio that can generate great sounding results while keeping the factory dash intact.  You don’t have to suffer with poor sound just because the radio is an integral part of your dashboard.

Most vehicles are lacking when it comes to bass.  Music is much more enjoyable when you can feel the kick drum or the bass player plucking a string.  We can help create the experience with the addition of a subwoofer. Don’t want to lose any cargo space?  No problem, we specialize in finding space to hide the bass.

If your factory radio is missing some great new features like Bluetooth, Apple Carplay, Android Auto, or navigation, we have you covered.  With aftermarket radio integration products available for most vehicles, we can update your ride with the latest technology.

Whether you just want to add some bass or create a concert-like experience, stop by and see how we can help.