Safety / Cameras / Radar


Do you ever drive a little faster that the black and white sign suggests you should? With the addition of a radar detector we can help keep your conversations with that quota-hungry officer to a minimum.


Everyone has seen the crazy Russian dashcam video’s online. Some pretty crazy stuff happens over there! Here it’s a little less crazy but no less important. Proof of a collision, recording that conversation with the overly aggressive officer, or even reliving the moment when someone’s tire fell off are just some of the reason’s to add a dashcam to your vehicle.

To help make sure you’re not part of that collision; blind-spot monitoring, back-up cameras, front-view cameras and even 360[Symbol] camera’s can be added to your current vehicle. In some cases to your factory screen. Don’t be the bank’s best friend with a new vehicle purchase every couple years, upgrade your current vehicle to Awesome!